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The North American Game Quality Forum returns this year, as the industry-only two-day games conference dedicated to quality. Building upon previous editions in Europe, North America and Asia, we are excited and proud to be formerly incorporating Player Support as the second dedicated track.

As gamers increasingly expect more from their favorite releases, the pressure to deliver a smooth and seamless experience to the player has brought with it a number of implications. The Live Service release model now demands that titles are not only shipped in peak working order, but are also supported with subsequent updates, patches and content drops. Unexpected delays or problems with these updates carry with them severe effects that can damage a titles reputation, and prompt a player base to move on. In order for a developer and publisher to deliver a flawless experience, every team, from development to release, must work both internally and externally to ensure that the quality is of a consistently high standard.

The Game Quality Forum continues to be the world’s only conference dedicated to the betterment of release quality, as it holds an essential place in the calendars of many world leading game developers and publishers. This December, GQF will continue to bring together QA, Player Support, Producers and Studio Leadership to discuss how best to approach quality as more than a function, but a culture, and we hope you will join us at this unique event.

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Build valuable contacts and relationships, share your challenges and discover best practices from other studios and publishers. No other event in the world outside of these forums bring together all the key minds in QA and localization in one place. This isn’t some big show with QA or localization as an afterthought; it’s your event – use it!


The best part of a forum full of QA and Player Support management is that everyone is in a similar boat. Find out how others have approached similar challenges to the one’s you’re facing, and take new tools, methods and ideas back to your work!

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Equip yourself or your managers with the tools and business vocabulary to sell your function internally, to sound credible, and to position yourselves alongside the other pillars of development as equals. It’s time to change the way QA and Player Support are perceived, both internally and externally.

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